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Run a profitable business with a complete dynamic overview of your expenses and profit margins and digitalize your invoices. Spend less time managing your restaurant and spend more time enjoying what you love.

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What is Clever Cost

Tired of keeping track of your physical and digital invoices too?
Clever Cost collects all invoices in one place and gives you an overview of your expenses, right down to the individual product.

Clever Cost Explained In 1 Minute

All in one place

Collect all your invoices in one place and get the full overview of all your expenses

Due dates

Never miss a due date again! Keep track of all your due dates with Clever Cost

Save money

Save money by comparing product prices across vendors with Clever Cost’s automatically calculated unit prices

Special features

With Clever Cost you will have a bunch of useful features ready at hand.

Always know if you run a profitable business.

Calculate your sales item's profit margins

Purchased products overview

Your top products, amount, and spend

Overview of your vendors

Total expenses, purchase history, and vendor price comparison

Secure digital Invoice archive

Store, search, and sort your invoices

Automatic take away cost calculations

How much do you pay them?

Calculate your VAT return in seconds

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1. Create a 30-day free account

No limitations, No attachments, and No credit card required. We want to show you how Clever Cost can save you money, time and make better purchasing decisions before considering subscribing.

Update your archive

2. Update your archive

After you have signed up, you get a personal Clever Cost email and access to your dashboard. You should update your archive by sending all your previous invoices to your Clever Cost email. The system does the rest for you!

The system recognizes all common file formats and automatically uploads the invoices to your profile.

As some formats take longer, it can take up to 48 hours for your invoice to upload correctly.

Usually, your invoice will be uploaded much faster.

Edit the data to match your personal preference

3. Edit the data to match your personal preference

Customize your product descriptions, create and append categories, and much more to match your preferences.

Just edit it in the system once – save changes forever.

Categorize, search and sort all your products

4. Categorize, search and sort all your products

We deliver an overview of your expenses and provide tools to sort them into categories that match your product types.

Have multiple vendors for the same product? Do not worry – you can filter on either vendors, products, or invoice numbers – it is up to you!

Congratulations, you are now ready to always know if your run a profitable business.

5. Congratulations, you are now ready to always know if your run a profitable business.

Take a look at all your data, find optimization opportunities and take action to grow your business.

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–  40 invoices per month

–  Admission for one company

–  Digital invoice archive

–  Expense overview

–  VAT overview

–  Due date overview

–  Product price tracker

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1 Invoice = 5 Pages


12 Pages = 3 Invoices

If you exceed the monthly

limit of 40 invoices, an extra

charge of $0,3 per extra

invoice will be added

to your bill.